iLAB America can offer complete production and test services through our manufacturing partners. This greatly simplifies the process of reaching the market for our OEM clients by providing a complete design to production solution through a single source.

Our competitive pricing can offer you significant marketing advantages.

Quality Control References

Acceptability of Printed Boards (Class 2) ANSI/IPC-A-600E

Acceptability of Printed Circuit Assemblies (Class 2) ANSI/IPC-A-610B

Suggested Guidelines for Modification, Rework and Repair of Printed Boards and Assemblies (Level C) ANSI/IPC-R-700C

ANSI/IPC-T-50D (Terms and Definitions for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits)

QA sampling according to MIL-STD-105E / BS-6001-1 / ISO2859 , sampling plan level 2. AQL is base 0.65, c-0 standard.


Project Management
Project management and staffing are essential components of the product development and production process. We are often contracted to assist our clients throughout the entire process to assure successful production of their products.

Our supply chain value proposition is to establish supplier partnerships characterized by the following:

1. Open and honest communication
2. Strong "values based" management
3. On-time delivery of quality products
4. End user customer focus
5. Timely data driven decision making
6. Mutual respect and responsiveness
7. Ongoing mutual total life cycle cost reduction

We believe that relationships with these characteristics will enable us to establish a world class supply chain management system and provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer's requirements.