Preliminary Product Definition
PCD 5.1

OEM Series

Dolby Digital Surround Sound Processor System

Main Processor PCB Keyboard/display PCB

Key Features

    • Dolby Digital 5.1 , Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoding
    • Processing modes include Movie, Music , Stereo, Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic, and advanced bass management
    • Remote control and asynchronous serial I/O option ( i.e USB control upgrade option )
    • Automatic audio input detection selects processing modes
    • 96KHz / 24 bit audio
    • 3 audio inputs ( 1 optical , 1 coaxial , 1 stereo analog )

Processing Modes

High Performance

Dolby Modes
Dolby Digital
Dolby D Pro Logic
Dolby D 3 Stereo
Dolby D Phantom
Dolby D Stereo
Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby 3 Stereo
Dolby Phantom C

Music Modes
Stereo Analog
Analog Blast

The PCD 5.1 is a high performance digital and analog audio processor. Incorporating the latest in advanced technology it rivals professional grade processors in performance and features.

Quality and Reliability

Careful attention to design, high quality components, and our renowned quality production standards yield excellent value and reliability.

User Friendly
Nearly all controls are automatically set by the processor based upon the audio input. Simply connect the audio input , amplifier/speakers and AC , and your PCD 5.1 is ready to play.





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PCD 5.1 Specifications




Technical Specifications

Audio Sampling Rates: 32, 44.1, 48 , 96 k samples/second
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/-0.1dB
THD+N: Less than 0.003% , 20Hz - 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio : -100dB
Noise Floor : -125dB
Dynamic Range: 100dB
Output Level Adjustment: -127dB to 0dB in 0.5dB or 2dB steps
Crosstalk: -100dB @ 1kHz

Input Formats:
Dolby Digital (AC-3) in IEC 1937 format ( formerly IEC 958 Annex B) as specified in ATSC A/52 Annex B
PCM in AES/EBU format.

Analog Inputs
Un-balanced stereo RCA , 24 bit ADC , 2Vrms full scale

Analog Audio Outputs

6 channel
24 bit DACs
Crossover Points:
Satellites: 200Hz

Subwoofer: 200Hz







Technical Specifications

Power Requirements
Processor: +/-12VDC,+ 5VDC, 20W maximum , internal
Amplifier: 90-264 VAC, 50-60Hz , 300W maximum

Operating Conditions
5-45 degrees Celsius , natural convection cooling
0-90% relative humidity ( non-condensing

Regulatory Notices
Complies with FCC Part 15 , class A digital device
UL listed for US and Canada


ILAB America Inc. 45 Hemlock Street, Selden , NY 11784 631-696-4418

iLAB America is an Audio/Video and Gaming Peripherals Developer and iPhone App Developer based in NY USA.