iLAB’s USB subassemblies provide
Fast-Track Solution for Consumer Electronics OEMs

SELDEN, NY USA - February 1, 2003 - iLAB America Inc., a leader in digital audio product designs, today announced that they have launched 2 new USB Audio products for the OEM market. The new subassemblies provide a fast-track solution for Consumer Electronics OEMs to add USB headphone , microphone and speaker solutions to their product lines.

"Offering a turn-key solution significantly reduces an OEMs time to market, helping them keep their competitive edge," said Wayne Boyle, President and CEO, iLAB America. "With our manufacturing base in China and Singapore, we offer OEMs competitive pricing and large scale production capabilities. Our design base in the US offers state-of-the-art technology to OEMs , helping to reduce their development time and costs"

The new products, USB-SP1 and USB-SP2, are subassemblies designed to adapt to multiple OEM requirements. The USB-SP1 is a USB speaker/headphone/microphone adapter that allows OEMs to easily upgrade existing traditional speakers to become a USB model. The USB-SP2 is a headphone/microphone adapter designed for either a USB audio adapter, or to upgrade traditional headphones or headsets to become a USB model. Both products are also ideal for Internet phone applications, and theUSB-SP1 is well suited for Internet speakerphone applications as well.

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Both products offer USB control of volume up and down, mute , and power on status. Using the standard USB drivers that are provided with Windows® and MacOs® , both are compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, ME and MacOS® 9.1, 10.1. The device and string descriptors can be customized for OEMs to provide brand recognition of their products through the onscreen user interface.

About iLAB America

Founded in 1998, iLAB America, short for Integration Laboratories, develops state of the art Multiroom and Home Theater integration products for many of the A/V industry's most respected brands. ILAB America specializes in the design and development of Digital audio products such as USB, Dolby Digital, DTS and virtual surround sound processors. iLAB America greatly simplifies and speeds the process of reaching the market for OEM's by providing a complete design to production solution through a single source. With manufacturing based in China and Singapore, iLAB America’s competitive pricing can offer significant marketing advantages while maintaining the ease of communicating directly with its US-based office. For more information, visit our website at


iLAB America is an Audio/Video and Gaming Peripherals Developer and iPhone App Developer based in NY USA.