Preliminary Product Definition
with microphone input and headphone output

OEM Series

USB speaker/headphone/microphone Subassembly System

Key Features

    • USB digital stereo, full-duplex enables two-way digital sound with PC or Gaming Console
    • USB-IF Certified , can customize USB device and string descriptor
    • USB audio controller , audio class encoder/decoder
    • USB serial interface engine , USB transceiver, 2 end points (FIFO)
    • Automatic detection using standard Windows 2000, Windows XP drivers
    • Standard 16 bit USB audio , 8Khz/11.025KHz/22.05KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz
    • Mute , Volume control operates PC volume control window
    • No sound card required for PC



Voice recognition

Voice command and control

Internet phone and chat




3.00" x 3.50"

The USB-SP1 is a powered stereo speaker system utilizing a USB audio and control interface. Ideal for PC speaker OEMs to adapt current models to create USB versions of their products.

Audio outputs are either stereo speaker, or stereo headphone. Audio inputs are USB and microphone. The microphone input is sent via the USB port to the PC.

Volume and mute control can be operated by either the PC or the front panel of the USB-SP1. This allows for central control , avoiding mismatched volume levels in common powered speakers/PC's.

The USB-SP1 uses the standard Windows USB drivers. The identifying code can be easily modified to display any company or brand when the USB driver detects the USB-SP1. Ideal for creating brand recognition for speaker products.

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USB-SP1 Specifications




Technical Specifications

USB 1.1 specification , 16 bit

Audio Sampling Rates: 8Khz / 11.025KHz / 22.05KHz / 44.1KHz / 48KHz

Frequency Response:

THD+N: -56dB (Headphone), -67dB (Mic)
Signal to Noise Ratio : -75dB (headphone), -69dB (Mic)
Dynamic Range: 76dB (Headphone) , 69dB (Mic)
Output Level Adjustment: Uses Windows USB driver
Input Level Adjustment: Uses Windows USB driver

USB type B

Stereo microphone, 1/8" mini jack

Analog Audio Outputs
Stereo Speaker

Stereo Headphone



Preliminary product specifications







Technical Specifications
Speakers / Amplifier
Internal 4 pin 0.1" header connector
Bridged: 1.1W per channel @ 8 ohms

2.0W per channel @ 4 ohms
2.2W per channel @ 3 ohms

Higher output power versions optional

Headphone Output:

Stereo, 1/8" mini jack

Power Requirements
5VDC , 2.5mm input jack for powered speakers

No external supply needed for headphone/microphone only version

Operating Conditions
5-45 degrees Celsius , natural convection cooling
0-90% relative humidity ( non-condensing )


ILAB America Inc. 45 Hemlock Street, Selden , NY 11784 631-696-4418
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